When it comes to finding an app that helps teach Kindergarteners, you have to choose something that is very simple for small minds to work. It can’t have many words or difficult instructions. Kids need to be able to tap and swipe and work the app with any issues or they will give up too easily.

Are There Any Great Apps for Teaching Kindergarten?

Whether a parent with a child in Kindergarten or a teacher who wants to get kids involved with technology while they learn, you will find many apps that fit perfect for 4-6 year olds. Here are the best apps for Kindergarten aged kids based on subject:

Reading Apps

The Three Little Pigs Presented by Dog and Cat:This is a storybook app with a bit of theater pizzazz. Dog and Cat perform the story of the Three Little Pigs right in their own living room using homemade props. The app is simple for kids to use and has audio so they can follow along with the written words. The app not only helps with reading but also shows kids how to use their imaginations.

Pete and the Secret of Flying:This is another storybook app with fun useful features. It has audio and written words but both can be toggled on or off. A child can just listen to the words without seeing them or read the words themselves without help from a narrator. If they get stuck, simple toggle narration or words back on with a tap. This book also has a great story and beautiful artwork.

Starfall ABCS:This free app has many games, stories, and lessons that will help kids learn their ABCS. Starfall is a non-profit organization that takes pride in helping kids learn so you know you are getting an app that is all about learning and not about making money. Starfall has several other free apps and paid apps on different learning subjects.

Math Apps

Math for Kids: Teach Numbers:Math for Kids is great for children as young as 3 years old and as old as 7 years. It goes up in difficulty so you will get a lot of use from it. The app helps teach numbers and mathematical symbols in way that is more like a game than a school lesson. There are even timed games and statistics for parents and teachers to see how their kid is doing or areas where they might need more help.

Geoboard:Geoboard is a nifty app that helps kids learning about shapes and geometry. You might not think that your kindergartener needs to learn to geometry but the app is great for learning shapes and when your child is older they can use the more difficult function and lessons of the app. The app has a board with pegs on it and kids move rubber bands around the board to form shapes.

Moose Math:This app rewards kids for completing games at difficult difficulties with items to build up a city and decorate it how they want. Reward systems always work great with kids as they to earn something for their effort. The games teach different math problems including addition, subtraction, and geometry.

Writing Apps

WetDryTry:Handwriting Without Tears brings you WetDryTry. It’s an app that mimics a slate and chalk just like the good old days. Kids can practice writing letters and numbers, including lowercase and upper case, and then wipe it away with the sponge.

I Write Words:This is a simple and cute app that turns learning to write letters into a game. It also helps with numbers as kids follow the numbers in order to form the letter. The app has cute creatures and kids can even draw pictures of the words they learn.

Touch and Write:Kids love to make messes and Touch and Write lets them do that without actually making a mess. They can practice writing using shaving cream, Jello, finger paint, and more. The app is great for kids in school that get regular spelling words to learn as parents or teachers can input words to practice and save the lists.

Art Apps

Magic Animals:This app is one that kids can use for years to come and not just for Kindergarten. Kids draw an animal in the app and it will automatically figure out what the child is trying to draw and then create fun animations from it. There are pictures of actual animals and the child can color and draw on them. The coloring features are vast for growing kids who start out with stick figures and eventually become master artists.

Art Class With Doctor Panda:Crafting is great for kids because it lets them use their imagination and their hand skills. This app teaches kids how to make several crafts which they can decorate on the app with painting features. Then they can go off the tablet and make the crafts in real life using real paper and paint.

Cognitive Skills Apps

Kiko’s Thinking Time:This app was developed fancy top college neuroscientists to help kids with memory, time management, and attention span. The games keep kids interested with cute characters and fun stories. This app is free with lots of games but there is also the original, and well loved, Thinking Time Pro that is paid but still amazing.

Toca Tea Party: TocaBoca has tons of great apps for kids and this one helps with creativity, problem solving, and collaboration with others. The idea is to set up a tea party right on the app and invite friends and family to the party. The hosts have to plan and prepare the party and guests have to be respectful and follow the host. It’s a fun party with great lessons.

As you can see there are tons of great apps for teaching Kindergarten. All of them are great for in the classroom and at home when school is done for the day.

Are there any great apps for teaching Kindergarten? There are many awesome learning apps for kids aged 4-6 who are just starting school. Here you will find some of the best.

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