Becoming a mom is a wonderful and scary experience. If you are a first time mom with a brand new baby in your arms, you might be scared out of your mind to do what’s best for baby. Thankfully, technology is making it easier than ever for new moms to take care of the little one.

What Are the Best Apps for New First Time Moms?

There are so many apps on the market for moms and many of them will help first time moms get the hang of taking care of baby. Once a second baby comes along (if you so choose) you might not need all these apps because you’ll already be an expert. Here are the best apps for first time moms:

WebMD Baby

This app is a traditional baby tracker that lets you input feedings, naps, diaper changes, and so much more. It stands out from other baby tracking apps because it also includes up-to-date health information from professionals.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a necessity and can sometimes be a bit clunky and expensive. If you already have a couple of devices in your home, such as a phone and tablet, you can turn them into a baby monitor with Cloud Baby Monitor. The tablet sits in the baby room and you can live stream on your phone.

Sound Sleeper

Getting a newborn to sleep is never an easy task. Sound Sleeper helps your baby fall asleep by providing white noise. It has several different sounds and can even start playing sounds when it detects your baby’s cries. No more having to get up all the time and shush your baby to sleep because the app will do it for you.

Mom Maps

As a new mom, you might not know places around you or wherever you travel that is baby friendly. Mom Maps makes it easier for you by providing locations wherever you are that happily accept babies and makes parenting easier for you. Read reviews from other moms and even submit your own locations to help other moms out.

Babysitter Pro Activity Log

If you are a new mom that also has to go back to work then leaving your baby behind at home with a stranger is a very scary thing. This app lets the babysitter enter information from the day including feeds, naps, play times, and more. It automatically syncs with your own phone and keeps you up-to-date at all times. You can receive notifications every time the babysitter enters information.

Child Medical History App

Your child’s health is very important to you, but there is so much to remember and keep track of. This app helps keep all that information together in one place. You can include blood type, vaccinations, test results, allergies, and more. You can even print out the information to take to the doctor.


Everybody in your family and all your friends want to see pictures of the baby. They want to see them all the time. Sure, you could post pictures to social media but you might be nervous about strangers and people you aren’t close with seeing the pictures. To make you feel better and safer use 23Snaps. The app lets you create photo albums that you share with only the people you want through text, email, and more. Friends and family can even use the app to order items with pictures on them.

Growth App

The charts on this app are used by pediatricians the world over so you know they are legitimate and truthful. You can use them too to help you track your child’s growth. See how well your child is growing compared to where he or she should be. If you see a problem you can contact your doctor to learn more.

Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby is an app that has everything on one place. It is an all around tracker for feedings, diapers, vaccinations, naps, and more. You can add pictures and updates that act like a scrapbook. There are new articles regularly about child health, development, and fun. There is so much within this app that it can get confusing, but navigate through it all and you will have the ultimate child care app.

Baby Bundle

This is another all around tracker and information app similar to Sprout Baby. It deserves a place on this list because the app is free, but for a fee you can also turn the app into a baby monitor. This is useful if you want a tracker app and a monitor but don’t want to use or pay for two different apps.


Many apps let you log information about feedings, diaper changes, naps, and more but it is up to you to try to make it into a habit. MammaBaby tries to help you create routine by using alarms to alert you when there should be another feeding or nap. Following the alarms helps you and baby learn a daily routine.

Baby Connect

This all around tracker app does the same thing as others like it but also lets you include the other people in your baby’s life. You can add a partner, baby sitter, grandparent, or even daycare center. They can add information to the app and you will see it automatically on your own device.

Total Baby

This tracking app is the same as others with the exception that it is really cute. If you want an app with darling ducklings and fun, cheery colors then you will love Total Baby.

Today’s Parent My Family App

Another tracker app that also includes regular news and information. The information appears in the app based on your baby’s age at the time so you don’t get overwhelmed with information you don’t need to know yet. It also has a fun storybook feature for sharing pictures and updates.

Are there apps for first time moms? As you can see there are so many options for apps for new moms that you might be overwhelmed by them all. Pick and choose which ones seem the best for your needs and give them a try. Before long, you’ll be parenting with ease

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