Whether you are studying to become a nurse or you already are one, there are certain apps that you should not be missing out on. At every stage of your studies and career, apps can help keep you organized and focused. Here are the answers to the question

What are the top 10 apps for nursing students and nurses?

1. Diseases Dictionary

As someone who is tasked with taking care of patients, the Diseases Dictionary can be your best friend. Using this handy app gives you access to many of the diseases and conditions you will treat throughout your nursing career. By simply telling the app any symptoms your patient has you will be able to narrow down exactly what they are suffering from. The app includes information on how to treat the particular disease or condition in question.

2. Nursing Central

When you use the Nursing Central app, you will find an extensive list of the drugs used to treat commonly diagnosed diseases. You can also read up on the necessary procedures, tests and medication used to treat a particular condition. No matter how much or how little experience you have as a nurse, this app will prove to be extremely helpful.

3. Merck Manual

As a mobile medical textbook of sorts, the Merck Manual app is your constant source of much needed medical information. It includes videos that show you how to perform a physical exam of a patient as well as what procedures to follow. The app even simulates many experiences you may have caring for patients, so if you are ever unsure about your technique, this will walk you through how to do it.

4. MedPage Today

To keep up with all the latest news in the medical community, MedPage Today is your best bet. Every day you will be able to get current information on various specialties that can help enhance your performance as a nurse. The app also includes live streams of medical symposiums and industry meetings.

5. Nurse’s Pocket Guide

The Nurse’s Pocket Guide can help you to diagnose almost any patient. Guidelines for the treatment of various diseases are included in what the app has to offer. It can be used over a long period of time to help you spot the characteristics of a disease you may have one or more patients suffering from.

6. NursingCenter CE Connection

To keep up with your continuing studies and the need to keep your certifications current, the NursingCenter CE Connection is the app for you. No matter how busy your life is you will be able to use the app to not only view, but complete the courses you need to keep your nursing license active. You even have the ability to take courses while offline, so even if you are in a place with no wifi you can still access the app. All you have to do is connect to wifi at a later time and the results of your completed courses will be noted.

7. Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses

The Davis’s Drug Guide For Nurses is a handy app that includes a database of more than 5,000 drugs, both brand name and generic. The app helps you determine which drug is the best for a particular patient and even tells you how to administer them, as well as the recommended dosage to give. You can also get information on the side effects of every drug listed as well as information on how it interacts with other drugs your patient may already be taking. Using this app makes it much less likely for errors to occur when treating your patients.

8. Nursing Procedures

If you struggle to remember how to perform certain procedures, an app called Nursing Procedures will eliminate this problem from your life. The app includes assessments of each procedure so you better understand what you are doing before you actually do it. Many nurses rely on this app to help them perform procedures they may not encounter everyday.

9. Lippincot Nursing Advisor

Any medical question you could possibly have as a nurse can be answered by the Lippincot Nursing Advisor app. The app also contains clinical content that is regularly updated by nurses all over the country. You can even use the app to make note of your own notes and nursing protocols. By using this app you will never have outdated information. Many nurses have reported that this app is a significant time saver.

10. NurseGrid

To keep better track of your work schedule, the NurseGrid app is a huge help. You can use this app to upload your own schedule and even share it with your co-workers so that they know when you will be around. More than 20,000 nurses also use this app to keep them organized. At a glance weeks and months worth of work schedules can be viewed, making it easier for you to make plans outside of work. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your own schedule and those of the other nurses in your department you can’t afford to go without this app.


These top 10 apps for nursing students and nurses will change how you approach your job. Each of them is helpful to nurses of all experience and education levels. Staying up to date with all the relevant information you need to do your job effectively is a ticket to success. It allows you to provide your patients with vitalhealthcare tips.

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